Our Team

Right from its inception Rapra Software Technologies is lucky to get the most talented people available for that specific field. We have a small family working hard every day progressing towards our goals delivering the best to the clients.

Kiran Kambhampati, Chairman

An education field enthusiast and a believer in grooming talent for new generation organizations, Kiran's mix of background in technology and distinctive exposure to education industry gives him a unique and invaluable perspective. With over 15 years of IT experience and passion for the field Kiran joined Rapra with a single goal, ‘make software that help transforming lives’ Under his leadership Rapra has set benchmarks for delivering superior quality products and services in a timely manner. He also co-developed Divi, a mobile application that enhances education through interactive activities. Kiran also serves as a board of director for four other organizations. Previously he has worked as Tech. lead at Microsoft (USA) and delivery manager at Invensys (India). He holds master’s degree in computer science from Michigan University.


Prathik Gadde, Chief Executive Officer

Prathik Gadde is a passionate serial entrepreneur. Prathik has co-founded his first venture iPostEasy LLP in 2009. Failure in his first venture didn’t stop him to think big and pursue his entrepreneurial quest. He returned back to India and started Rapra in 2010 with like minded friends - who always believed in perfection. Since then he has worked relentlessly to strategically move the organization forward. In addition, Prathik directly supervises the UX design wing ensuring every product that leaves Rapra will have the same impact, which Rapra stands for. Prathik has worked closely with several startups in strategy and operations planning. Prior to start his entrepreneurial journey he has briefly worked as a user experience (UX) design consultant. Prathik holds a master’s degree in human-computer interaction and a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology. He is currently a doctoral student majoring in Informatics and minoring in business administration.

Praneeth Gadde, Managing Director

Thinker. Believer. True Motivator. A thinker by mind, believer by heart, and motivator by deeds, Praneeth has helped the organization in setting high operational standards. A key decision maker in administrative and financial affairs, he is focused on the organizational culture and is passionate about the employee experience. Praneeth’s out of the box thinking helps the development teams with few important projects. Praneeth holds a master’s degree in computer applications.


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